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"I have been listening to The Lord's Prayer CD repeatedly over the past days. I am totally in awe. It is beautiful, magnificent, soothing and uplifting. The harp and the orchestrations just take my breath away."

~Nurse Debra Lynn Andersen, Stockton IL   1954-2019

"I'd never heard a more varied, crowd pleasing repertoire from a harpist in all my life!"

~Deb Bertucci, Sales & Marketing Manager, DeSoto House, state historic site, Ulysses S. Grant R IL Campaign Headquarters 1868, Galena IL

"I wanted to tell you, YOU ARE PROBABLY MY FAVORITE PERSON I'VE MET THIS YEAR! I love how the good Lord introduces me to a fun, new, inspiring person every so often. Well you're it! I had such a great 10 minutes getting to know you, it seems like I knew you forever. Thank you for your hospitality, your spunk, your fire! Very funny how oddly similar we are! Tell your quiet, kind, husband, Jeff, thank you as well! God bless you two just exactly as you are! You guys made my day much more fun! I love meeting the “Gems” of the world. Until we connect again.

~Natasha Puffe, MN

"Never heard a reception get so rowdy over a harpist. But they were all visiting from Ireland."

~Owner, Goldmoor Inn, Galena IL

"Norm Korth has never slept before, receiving chemo. He usually just cries. Your playing, it's magical."

~Nursing Staff, FHN Memorial Hospital, Freeport IL


"I also fill my home with Scripture and pictures and things that remind me of His goodness and love, forgiveness, grace and mercy. Your music will become that for me."

~Jo Gjovik, MN


"Thank you for brightening the kids' day. You have no idea what it meant to them. Especially thank you for lowering the harp to the floor for those who couldn't get up to touch it."

~Mickey Martin, Special Needs Class, Freeport IL

"Your emotions come through in your music beautifully! Your harp is an extension of your gave me goosebumps!"

~Barb Dixon, Virtual Harp Circle

"I listened to The Lord's Prayer CD you gave me. Very Relaxing."

~Jerry Deml, MN

"You play wonderfully!"

~Harpist Anne Roos, Grammy winner, Lake Tahoe CA

"Congratulations on all that you've done for people with your harp. It was so enjoyable, hearing you play. I couldn't have been happier. I was so glad to have met you. It was like meeting an angel."

~Representative Jim Sacia R IL

"My wife and I especially enjoyed your playing."

~Sheriff Steve Allendorf R IL, Galena IL

"Your CD The Lord's Prayer is beautiful. I listened to it last night and this morning and it Made Me Happy!"

~Jenny Galles, MN

"Your playing was so beautiful, it made my migraine go away!"

~Brandi Hitchler, Group Sales Manager, Breezy Point Resort, MN

"Thank you both so much for being a part of our big day! It was truly beautiful to have you two there with us, we absolutely loved it and so did our guests."

~Benton, Gretchen & baby Abel Sellwood, MN


"You did an amazing job on Saturday! Very Beautiful!"

~Crystal Glaser, Director of Sales & Marketing, Whitefish Properties, Crosslake MN


"It was so touching, your playing, I almost cried in my soup."

~Doug Taylor, theatrical/film production, actor, cowboy, historic stagecoach events, Pine River, MN


"I love the harp! There is something magical about it....and Marja plays it so beautifully!"

~Jim Olsen, guitarist/teacher, Brainerd MN

"You sound exactly like Jim Olsen, the guitarist!"

~Don Gorham, Bridge of Harmony Music Store, Brainerd MN

"Marja brings genuine passion and care to her music, and you can hear it when she plays. With a dynamic personality and skilled playing, her music fills the room with beautiful ambiance."

~Kate Perkins, correspondent/photographer, Crosslake MN


"We want to thank Marja and Jeff! Beautiful harp music for dinner! They will be here again next Wednesday!

~VFW Post 3839, Jenkins MN


"Thank you for a wonderful evening of beautiful music. Can't put a price tag on what joy the both of you brought into our home."

~Vicky Witt, Park Rapids MN


"I am out of my depth as a music critic, but listening to your sound, words that come to mind are soothing, calming and professional."

~LuAnn Hurd-Lof, Park Rapids Chamber of Commerce, MN


"I can't tell you how wonderful it was to listen to your music, it was very delightful."

~Betty Fleischfresser, Houston Ford, Pine River M

"We chose you to play at our reception because you showed great artistry."

~Isabella and Heinreich, Galena IL


"Your music is soothing and uplifting."

~Harpist and The Lord's Prayer fan, Eugene OR


"I fought my bride on having a harpist at the reception. But your gift was so gorgeous, I'm glad she'll never let me live it down. And your singing. Nobody dared talk, you could hear a pin drop. It was netherworldly."

~Hadji, DeSoto House, Galena IL


"My maid of honor was the one who recommended you to me. She heard you playing at Bernadine's Tea Room. I'm so glad she was there that day. You made our reception truly memorable."

~Heather, Four Mounds Foundation, Dubuque IA


"Our fundraiser would not have been the same without the beauty of your heavenly background music."

~Liz, Galena IL


"The amplified harp was great, our crowd loud! And thanks for letting us use your sound system for our little speeches."

~Crystal, Galena IL


"Our guests had tons of fun requesting songs from your books."

~Russ, Chicago IL


"Marja, your voice was so beautiful, I cried."

~Miranda, Chicago IL


"I couldn't have enjoyed your playing more. How everybody joined in on YMCA!"

~Pat, Galena IL


"What surprised us most was how much fun we all had. How the music loosened everybody up. Dancing Queen was a hoot. You made it sound classical!"

~Barb, Galena, IL


"Our reception couldn't have been more touching. Thanks to your heavenly harp."

~Patti, Galena IL

"They hit the jackpot when they found you, Marja."

~Marian, Walker MN

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