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(Beloved husband Jeff Turner's bio & photos below)

Marja Healy
born January 8, 1954
born again in Jesus April 17, 1998
Awake each day, joyous to be one day closer to seeing Jesus again.
Earth is not our real life, our real life is beyond this world, with our Lord and Savior.

Jesus replied, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”     Luke 18:27


By 1998 my mother had Alzheimer’s and I had a 22 string harp I found impossible to play. Out to use music to say "I love you", by June it was too late. An aneurysm put her in a coma. My mother dying, I prayed to Jesus to play harp and got the gift. But she never heard it, gone 2 weeks later.

Jesus took her into His joy. I knew this because 2½ months prior, a year to the day my cat died, grieving that whole year, praying to do His work here, Jesus visited me. I knew Him as soon as I saw Him. As if He were a long lost friend, I raised my arms to Him. He said we could not hug as of yet. I had not died and gone to Heaven, as some people had who have seen Him. I was here and He was there.


Knowing He showed me mercy for grieving over the least of these, a cat, the first thing I asked Him was, "Lord, what are animals for? He said, "Animals are here to keep you moral." He spoke as He always does, in the silence of your thoughts. After answering all my questions, He said, "No one will believe you." But knowing I had a big mouth, He knew I would one day tell everybody anyway. That no matter what the cost, I'd be here for Him just as He was always there for me. The last thing I asked was, "What will I die from?" He could not tell me or I'd run from that experience forever. But instead, he let me feel the searing pain of death.


When the pain was gone, a beautiful glowing woman wearing a magenta robe stood in The Lord's place. I said to her, "Mother of God, why do you appear to me so young?" When a sly smile was the answer, I knew she was Mary Magdalene and we both laughed.

Mary Magdalene came to prove to me there’s love after death, as well as life. She wanted me to know that she and Jesus are still together, still married. That Jesus appointed her apostle to the apostles. That she is the apostle for whom Jesus so loved. The apostle He kissed upon the lips. Therefore, Magdalene was the true rock upon which Jesus Christ's church was built.

Is that the exact reason she was fatally disparaged by religious hierarchy as being a fallen woman? The fact later recanted, remains ingrained to this day. Mary Magdalene was never a fallen women but the exact opposite. Magdalene was a woman of means and Jesus Christ's wife.


And Mary's life began there, in her husband's arms. Because all our lives begin in the arms of Jesus Christ. When you are born again in the arms of love, you are innocent to Jesus. Washed clean of sin and ready to see Him again after death. And if you stumble along the way after receiving Him, He'll pick you up, dust you off, and forgive you. Because that is what love does. Love forgives.


So, Magdalene had been dethroned and Jesus' mother raised in her place for one single reason. Understandably for a fledgling religion, wives and families would be too costly to support. It's far easier to maintain a celibate male priesthood. But Jesus came to our realm to teach us how to love unconditionally. And what better way to know love than to be married, as Jesus Himself was? Cruel to ask otherwise, it debases what Jesus came here to teach us.

Jesus knows who destroyed His wife and why. Pity the fools who subverted Jesus' teachings to suit their own agenda.

Also, it appears the Lord's mother had been elevated because she represented something unattainable to women in love. A celibate pregnancy. Christ's mother's miracle is one to be celebrated for its holiness, of course. But one need not denigrate Magdalene, as well as every other earthly woman, to do it.

Yet, Jesus doesn't need anyone to sanctify Mary Magdalene. Jesus sanctified Magdalene when He married her. That is what holy matrimony was meant to do. Sanctify each other in one another's eyes. Two becoming one person in His name. That's why it feels so horrible when we hurt the people we love. When we hurt the people we love, we hurt Jesus too.

Clergy should be married.


It is cruel to keep from those who choose to serve Jesus the exact experience Jesus came here to show by example.

Jesus wanted His followers to know Love. At its utmost, love between a man and a woman. Because that is what He experienced. But all love brings us sanctity. Love brings sanctity even death can't touch. Between people. Between people and animals too.

The Church declined to marry Jeff and I because when they asked, "Will you accept Christ's children?" I answered truthfully, "I will accept Christ's animal children." Animals being the true 'least of these'.

When Jeff and I were married by a judge in his chambers and he got to the end of what he had to say, I tagged on, "In the eyes of Our Lord Jesus Christ."


The heart is the measure by which Jesus knows who to reunite us with in the glorious, joyous realm of Heaven for all of eternity.

And yes, if you love your animals, and grieve at their loss, you will be with them. Bonds of love cannot be broken because they are sanctified, married together by the groom Himself.

After resurrecting, Jesus proved His love for His wife to us by appearing to Mary Magdalene first. Thus, the betrothed become one person in love, caring for that person before all others. And if their children happen to be animals we love, well, He's the one who put them in our lives.


And yet, we need to love The Lord Jesus above all for loving us first.


Now, imagine the suffering Mary Magdalene endured having to watch her loving husband die on the cross? Yet, she did that for us. She did. She loved us too because He did. Magdalene gave away her bridegroom to promise us all life after death.

Lastly, Mary adamantly professed that abortion is murder, all murder destroying entry into heaven. Murder is not birth control.

It is time for us to venerate Mary Magdalene because Jesus' own love had venerated her.  Can you pray The Hail Mary with me like I pray it, like Jesus is waiting to hear it?

Hail Marys, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy wombs. Holy Marys, mother and wife of Jesus Christ, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Lastly, say the name Jesus out loud, as well as to yourself, as often as possible. It not only dispels evil around you and repels demons, but the name brings Jesus into your heart.


Don't say the generic name God when God sent His Son Jesus here to save you. God won't hear you, only Jesus will. Both Father and Son are waiting for you to know that. Jesus didn't come here to suffer for His power to be ignored. Jesus' light and way is the only way.

I've sat in many denominations of churches where only the name God was mentioned. Stop it. If Jesus' suffering on the cross is to be ignored, why would His Father have sent Him? Give Jesus the glory He deserves. Now, right now. Shout the name Jesus in church, please, if only in your heart.


Back when I was 44, I thought I'd be going with Jesus and Mary. But when I awoke the next day, alone and crestfallen, I wrote down everything that happened to me that night. And when I was done I had Trespass Into Heaven, a book, so I called my literary agent. To Get The Word Out.  After telling her I saw Jesus, she hung up on me. And terminated me as a client as well.


Everywhere I inquired, the book was rejected. I gave up, feeling perhaps my conversation with Jesus and Mary should be left between us.

Then, 20 years later, sure Jesus wasted His time on me, a failure at everything, I received the gift to create songs at the exact moment I record them, with only one take. Using harp this time around to say "I love you" to Jesus, could He be using me to say "I love you" to you?

In college, I switched majors from pre-vet med, where I was on the Dean's list, to Music to be by my high school sweetheart, Jeff Turner, one day marrying him. Unable to read music well at the time, getting a D in Piano, the teacher actually being kind, I eventually flunked out.


Yet, now  I suddenly create songs at the exact moment I record them.


It took 7 days to record 12 originals in The Lord's Prayer. My husband, Jeff Turner, then recorded his orchestrations around my tracks.

Jesus ordains His own, I guess.

Having been a performer for public, private, philanthropic and corporate events in Chicago and across the Midwest, I'd done it all. Standup comedy, singing jingles, doing impressions, tv/radio. And, at long last, harp playing in the name of Jesus.

♬ ♬♬  ♬ ♬♬  ♬ ♬♬  ♬ ♬♬  ♬ ♬♬  ♬ ♬♬

Jeff Turner

My beloved late husband Jeff, orchestrator of The Lord's Prayer, also orchestrated for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and for movie scores. He was a Chicago studio musician on trumpet and arranged jingles. He played and arranged for many  world renown celebrities and taught master classes at prestigious universities. Jeff also enjoyed publishing heart wrenching originals with Carl Fischer & Alfred Music. And while he learned to play harp from me, Jeff is truly the Lord's instrument now.

Jeff Bobby Lewis.jpeg

Studio Musicians, Jeff Turner on left, Bobby Lewis on right, at Universal playing for jingles.

Right to left, 18 yr. old Jeff Turner, Tim Murphy,
ff Tolefson & Bill Beck playing Jazz.

photo by James Postilion


 Jeff's last birthday
December 19,

Jeff and Woody.jpeg
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Jeff scooter.jpeg
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