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NW IL 2008

Harp for Healing

by Clover Smith


About ten years ago, Marja Healy’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. As a music major, impersonator and writer, Healy became determined to play harp as a means of communication, alternating between frustration, tears and prayer. Insisting she hasn't mastered the harp, her musical talent has been recognized on many levels.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, Healy followed an entertainment career, working at the corporate level. She plays harp in Northwest Illinois for resorts, churches and weddings.

Longing for nature and wildlife, Healy moved to a rural town, raising pet chickens and rescuing two dozen cats, many dogs, a llama and baby mice. She adopted a pair of doves returned to the store as "defective" by a wedding couple who said the birds would not fly out of the box on cue. The country atmosphere seems a contributing factor to her writing, once nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

But Marja found her calling appearing with Kathy Mattea for the Aids Foundation of Chicago.

Like Mother Teresa, she's dedicated to the sick and dying, giving them comfort, serenity and peace through the delicate sounds of her harp and amazing voice. She volunteers her music to nursing homes, hospitals or the homes of the ill. Has helped patients cope with chemotherapy treatments or reached into the depths of the comatose to ease the transition of the dying.

She grieves with families and plays wakes and funerals, her angelic harp and voice healing the soul. With the face of an angel, a voice as pure as new fallen snow, Marja's talent and passion create heaven on earth. It can wake the soul, release the spirit, relax, replenish or revitalize-providing comfort and joy to those in need.

(article edited)

(article reprinted in HARPA Magazine, Switzerland)

Song to the Moon - Marja Healy
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Marja accompanying herself singing


photo by James Smestad

Marja performing comedy at the IMPROV as Marilyn Monroe.

             Thank God for our Armed Forces and Police.

Our Neck of the Woods

MN 2015

Harping on the Needs of Others

by Kate Perkins

Today, Marja Healy is first and foremost a harpist. In her former home of Chicago, she played for weddings, corporate events, fundraisers and private parties, but she really loves to volunteer for the people she believes need it most, people who are sick or have suffered great loss.

But Marja wasn't always a harpist, and certainly isn't just a harpist. A classically trained singer, flutist, stand up comic, actress, wild animal handler, writer, and impersonator, she feels her life has always led to inexplicable places.


Marja and her husband, Jeff Turner, whom she taught to play harp, moved to Crosslake in January. Taking 6 years to sell their house in a NW Illinois farm community, where they lived for 15 years, they longed to retire where Jeff's grandfather had. 


(More article coming soon...) 

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