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­­                                     Song of Our Soul


​He hears the instrument of our lives playing only for Him.

He finds no fault with us seeing only our perfection.

He knows us better than we know ourselves seeing only good.

​He came to save us knowing He would die on the cross trying.


He asks for nothing in return but to love Him as He loves us.  


He carries our little cross of grief if our heart carries His.


He offers us safety if we live in protection of His name.


He has a name we should shout louder where it cannot be said.


He will be heard in us in the silence where He is most Forbidden.


He echoes in our heart when our ears no longer hear His name.


He witnesses our last breath waiting a lifetime for our return.

He breathes life into our spirit when our flesh falls into repose.

He makes us born again. He gives us joy. He hands us eternal bliss.


He is the song of our soul, our Father who art in Heaven.


He is ours for the asking, our merciful Christ, Jesus.

                                                                                            Marja Healy

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